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Food critics for decades, foodies who know Indian cuisine (and even newly acquainted diners) have acclaimed the Tandoori clay oven style of cooking flesh and breads among the most savory among all international cooking styles. Clay oven cooking is amazingly popular from India across Europe to Canada and from coast to coast in the U.S. At Roti Bistro in beautiful SF we enjoy an elevated status in the city among tandoor restaurants. Simply put, we aspire every day to bring you the authentic clay oven tastes of Delhi across to Calcutta, down to Mumbai. And we also feature the best Tandoori food delivery online ordering in San Francisco. You should try it.

Of course, the vast firmament of Indian spices are an integral expression of this cooking artistry. Like an artist's palette of oil paints, the Indian chef has some twenty-five spices (always freshly ground) to blend the recognized combinations or "masalas" into a true culinary art. Many of these spices are also noted for their medicinal, health infusing properties. This cornucopia of spices shifts from region to region in India, and we strive to express all the varieties of spice blends in our many dishes.

Broadly speaking, meat dishes are more common in the north, and include the famous Rogan Josh (curried lamb), and the delicious, very popular Biriyani (chicken or lamb in orange flavored rice, sprinkled with sugar and rose water).

Mughlai cuisine is rich, creamy, deliciously spiced and liberally sprinkled with nuts and saffron. The ever popular Tandoori cooking (chicken, meat or fish marinated in herbs and baked in a clay oven) and kebabs are also northern cuisine. In the south, curries are mainly vegetable and inclined to be more hot. Specialities to look out for are Bhujia (vegetable curry), Dosa, Idli and Sambar (rice pancakes, dumplings with pickles and vegetable and lentil curry). Coconut is a major ingredient of South Indian cooking. On the West coast, there is a wide choice of fish and shellfish; Bombay Fish (curried or fried bomnloe fish) and pomfret (Indian salmon) are just two. Another specialty is the Parsi Dhan Sak (lamb or chicken cooked with curried lentils) and Vindaloo vinegar marinade. Fish is also a feature of Bengali cooking (Bengal is a state in the Eastern side of India) as in Dahi Maach (curried fish in yoghurt flavored with turmeric and ginger) and Malai (curried prawn with coconut).

One regional distinction is that whereas in the south, rice is the staple food, in the north this is supplemented and sometimes substituted by a wide range of flat breads, such as Pooris, Chappatis and Naans. Common throughout India is Daal (crushed lentil soup with various additional vegetables), and Dahi, the curd or yoghurt which accompanies the curry. Besides being tasty, it is a good "cooler"; more effective than liquids when things get too hot. Sweets are principally milk based puddings, pastries and pancakes. Available throughout India is Kulfi, the Indian ice cream, Rasgullas (cream cheese balls flavored with rose water), Gulab Jamuns (flour, cheese and ground almonds), and Jalebi (pancakes in syrup). Besides a splendid choice of desserts, there is an abundance of fruit: tropical mangoes, pomegranates and melons and temperate apricots, apples and strawberries. It is common to finish the meal by chewing Pan as a digestive. Pan is betel leaf in which are wrapped spices such as aniseed and cardamon.






SF diners: experience the most authentic tandoor clay oven dining in the city—easily available to every district of the city: Financial, Mission, Fillmore, Castro Valley, Downtown. Make a reservation at Open Table, or drop in, or order online for Tandoori food delivery in SF. We have great hour, and look forward to your reservation or visit. We anticipate it will be the first of many times you and your family or friends will be with us.

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