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5:00pm to 8:45pm

Tue, Wed, Thu & Sun:
11:30am to 8:45pm

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11:30am to 9:15pm

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In Mumbai or Delhi, we would be declared a fabulous curry house, for that is among the Indian cuisine arts we excel at: preparing and serving sumptuous curries drawing from traditional or newly-included flesh and vegetables. As for side dishes, no other eatery in San Francisco can match our home made, like home in India taste. Our breads and rice dishes are perfection. India is a universe of fantastic spices and is a treasure house of very skillful blending them into the tastes we fall in love with. Historically, spices were one of the great exports from India to the western world from the 1700’s on to our 21st century. The exotic flavor tones of spices are what make India’s cuisine so unique.

The world "curry" is an English derivative of "kari", meaning sauce, but curry does not, in India, generally come as a already-mixed powder. It is the subtle and delicate blending of spices such as turmeric, cardamom, ginger, coriander, nutmeg and poppy seed. Here in the food town of San Francisco, you’d expect to find the best curries in the country, and that is what we’re here to do every day: prepare and serve you a profound, freshly created curry experience.

Vegetable Samosas
Two puff pastries filled with potatoes, sweet peas, herbs and spices

Vegetable Pakoras
Seasonal mixed vegetable fritters coated in a chick-pea batter

Bengan Pakoras
Crispy fresh eggplant sliced, marinated in ROTI spices and lightly battered

Assorted Appetizers
Samosa, vegetable pakoras, and papadum

Machchi Pakoras
Fresh fish of day, marinated with ROTI spices, herbs and batter fried

Chicken Pakoras
Crispy marinated chicken fritters

Roti Calamari
Spicy crispy calamari served “Bombay” style

Lightly spiced lentil wafers

Roti’s Mixed Green Salad
Mixed greens with fresh fennel, cucumbers and tomatoes tossed in ROTI spicy vinaigrette

Fresh tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, fresh herbs and lemon juice

Roti’s Feast
(minimum two person order)
Assorted Appetizers, Mixed Tandoori, Murgh Masala, Dal, Pulao, Kachumber, Raita, Naan, Kheer and Chai

Vegetarian Thali
(one person order)
Bengan Bharta, Dal, Mixed Vegetables, Raita, Pulao, Kachumber, Papadum, Naan, Kheer and Chai


Cucumber Raita
Homemade yogurt with cucumber, caraway and cumin

Aachar Pachranga
Spicy mixed Indian pickle with mangoes, lotus root, turnips, carrots, lemons and chilis

Mango Chutney
Sweet relish made from mangoes, herbs and spices



Join us—open every day— for the best curry, rice or bread experience you’ve experienced in a long time. Our menu includes a delightful variety of appetizers and beautiful main dishes our chefs work hard to prepare each one perfectly. Experience what authentic curry is. Book mark us today. Located in the popular West Portal neighborhood. We’re an easy transit from any district in the of San Francisco: Financial, Mission, Market, SoMa, Fillmore, Castro Valley, Downtown, Sunset. Noe Valley.

53 West Portal Avenue | San Francisco, CA 94127

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