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A Prosperous and Healthy New Year to You


An admired philosophical and practical cuisine aspect of Indian food fare is the sense of abundance, of prosperity, it brings to you, the diner. Indian food, whether it be Northern or Southern style, comes to you as an abundance of flavors, of spices, of vegetables and meats, of rices and breads. Every meal, at least a complete meal, is a feast of sorts. If you've ever been to India and have gone to an ashram or other public religious or philosophical or social institution and partaken in a "feast," then you know what we're talking about. You sit on woven matts on the floor, and banana leaves (or tali plates) are laid out before the guests, then dish after dish after dish is served by hand with ladles to your leaf or plate. From rice to the pepper water in a tin cup, to chutneys and raitas and the bread on the side, and yogurt of course. It is astonishing, and the aromas are so intricate and so orchestrated, it's olfactory music.

We wish you all well and look forward to you dining with us again at Roti Bistro.

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